WordPress or Wix? Why We Love WordPress!

If you are looking to build a website for your business, chances are you have heard of two popular website builders – WordPress and Wix. Many of our clients have started on Wix because they like the simple drag-and-drop convenience. But later, they find it hard to further customize sites to their liking. Initially it may seem easier to set up a functional and attractive website on Wix. However, as website owners and companies grow, they may find that Wix no longer provides the flexibility that WordPress would.

Are you debating between WordPress and Wix? Here are the 5 main reasons why we highly recommend prospective and current site owners go with WordPress:

Flexible, Adaptable, and Versatile

Give your business room to expand, the ability to scale up to meet rising demands, and adapt to changes with WordPress. While Wix offers neat tools for making and maintaining a fully functional website, it may not have all the features required to accommodate future growth. There’s a reason why you won’t find many growing businesses on Wix. But WordPress can be developed and scaled to meet all needs from just a landing page to collect leads to a full scale e-commerce site for multi-million dollar companies. Whatever your company’s goals are, you can count on WordPress to achieve them!

Keep in mind that Wix is fully hosted, which means that depending on the hosting plan you purchase through Wix, you may be stuck with an allotted amount of storage and bandwidth shared amongst other Wix users. This could become problematic if your website receives a sudden surge of traffic or if your business expands quickly. Of course, your site would need to use more resources to accommodate the traffic spike. WordPress though is self-hosted, which means that you pick a web hosting plan that suits your needs. As your company grows, you can easily upgrade your web hosting plan without interruption to your site.

WordPress is also known for its limitless versatility. Your web designer has access to millions of themes, plugins, and features that they can tweak for even further unique customization on top of a web developer being able to write custom code for more advanced features. 

Better Support

When a service touts itself as low cost and easy to use, it almost always means it is taking shortcuts somewhere. Wix is no exception. Wix’s business plan is like gyms from decades ago: Get as many sign-ups as possible and hope they don’t show up. If anyone needs help, then Wix can take weeks to respond because they cannot provide proper customer service at their price levels.

You may think you don’t need support and that you can handle Wix on your own. You may think that your business isn’t big enough to need outside support. That’s what thousands think each year. Then, something happens that breaks their site or they find themselves unable to implement a feature that would increase sales conversions. They then contact Wix support and get no response for long periods of time. When they finally do get a response, it most likely isn’t even helpful. 

With WordPress you will have to pay a web designer for their support but they will be far more responsive and beneficial than outsourced support who are following a generic script. If you want to try to fix the issue yourself, you’ll have a better chance finding WordPress forums that may have a solution for you to use to save a buck or two. This is generally not recommended though since it consumes your time when you could focus on other aspects of your business. 

Equipped with Useful Plug-Ins to Extend Functionality

WordPress has millions of plugins and an experienced developer can create new ones to solve any issue you may experience. It’ll cost money, but the option is there. Wix though is limited to the few dozen tools it comes bundled with and you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for some of their rather basic tools ($3 – $6 per email account? You get unlimited email accounts with WordPress). Those tools may meet the needs of some people but as a business grows, those limited tools will become a bottleneck for your business. 

Greatest Potential for Search Engine Optimization

This is up for debate. Lots of people will quickly say that WordPress is simply better for search engine optimization. It really comes down to how much effort is being put into the site. A business without a solid digital marketing plan will do equally bad on both WordPress and Wix, but a business with a solid digital marketing plan could do equally well on both platforms. No one really knows exactly what the search engine algorithms are. That’s why there is a whole industry trying to figure it out and develop best practices from what they discover.

What most SEO experts agree on is that original, engaging content frequently produced for a website with proper keywords, page speeds, and mobile optimization is what helps the most in rankings. And this is where Wix comes up short. Wix pages are bloated with extra code, their mobile optimization is subpar, and there is no way to do extra SEO optimization on their pages. Your web designer will have far greater capabilities to bring your site to the front page of Google search results on WordPress compared to Wix. The only similarity between the platforms is that a bad digital marketing strategy would do equally bad on both platforms, but a good one will flourish much better on WordPress.  

It Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating!

The biggest sales pitch for Wix is that it’s easy and cheap – just look at their constant 50% “sales.” But WordPress can be very easy and even cheaper depending on your needs. For more advanced sites, your web designer can set up a robust content management system that features the highly desired drag-and-drop design, easy blog posts, and email notifications so that you can make your updates and minor changes without paying your web designer every time. When you want something more advanced or hit a dead end, you’ll get far better support from your WordPress web designer than from an outsourced Wix support center that has to answer millions of other people. 

If you’d rather avoid the process all together, that’s fine, too! That’s how we help. We can build a stunning and functional website for you, take care of your web hosting needs, and provide you with a fundamental understanding of how to maneuver the WordPress platform so that you can fully take advantage of what it has to offer your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your current and future goals!

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