The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Web Host for Your Business

Smart business owners know how crucial a reliable web host is. But those starting out may not be familiar with web hosting or its value. Compelling content is essential for growing any brand or business, but you should not overlook quality web hosting.

Clients have come to us expressing their frustration with downtime, lack of fast technical support, and subpar customer service from their web hosts. Having shared this burden with them, we know first-hand that trying to save a few extra dollars on hosting isn’t worth jeopardizing your business!

Are you still shopping around for a web host or aren’t sure where to start? We know there are plenty of choices out there, making it a daunting task to commit to one. Here’s a quick run-down of what you need to know about web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows individuals and companies to make their website accessible on the Internet. Pricing will vary from one provider to the next. Keep in mind that cheaper is often not the better choice, though it may be tempting to try this route if you are just starting out! No matter what your level of business is, picking the right web host from the beginning will help you avoid potential problems.

How Do I Select the Best Web Host Provider?

Selecting a dependable web host provider will ensure that your website stays secure and accessible. An exemplary web host provider will:

  • Provide top-notch customer service. The Internet never sleeps, and a good web host will often have 24/7 customer support available. If your site ever goes down or encounters an issue, your web host can resolve it quickly.
  • Have an excellent uptime track record. Well-respected web hosts make it a priority to ensure maximum uptime. There is no way to guarantee 100% uptime, but you can expect a credible web host to offer at least an average 99% uptime.
  • Scale to your needs. Your web host provider should be able to accommodate your business growth and increase in site traffic. Check to ensure that different hosting options are available (Shared, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated & Managed Web Hosting) to meet your needs now and later.

What Happens If I Pick the Wrong Web Host?

If maximizing profits and website traffic is important for your business to thrive, then choosing the wrong web host can have a negative impact on your income. An unreliable web host may:

  • Be vulnerable to security, malware and brute force attacks. Cheap web hosts may not offer the best security for your website and data. Pay a little more for quality and assurance that your data will be backed up safely to a remote server, and easily restored in case your site ever gets hacked. An excellent web host provider will also provide technical support so that you don’t have to panic over security issues.
  • Bring down your SEO ranking. Down time can adversely affect your ranking on Google, especially if the search engines are attempting to visit while your site is buggy.
  • Cause a loss of revenue. Potential customers can’t learn about your online offerings or view any content if your site goes down frequently. If you are a store selling products online, you may lose potential sales should an outage occur.
  • Ruin your reputation. If your site always has issues, people may be less inclined to visit or encourage others to do so.

Bottom Line

Web hosting may not be the most fun thing to shop for or think about, but it is important because your business will depend on it. Price is definitely a factor to consider when shopping for a web host provider, but you also want to pick one that will give you peace of mind.

We’re Here for You!

Our in-house web host provider is honest, offers a variety of hosting options at fair prices to suit individual needs, and ensures client satisfaction with maximum uptime plus outstanding customer support whenever needed. If you are looking to get a website for your business, CACIA creative can help you get everything set up – from getting a reliable web host to a beautifully designed user and visitor-friendly site.

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