Influencer Marketing Is Losing Its Appeal – What Now?

In recent years, influencer marketing via social media has been a powerful vehicle for businesses looking to expand and get the word out about their product or service. When this strategy is used wisely, brands can reach various audiences through people with strong online presences. While influencer marketing is still a popular marketing tactic, consumers are becoming more conscious of the content being promoted to them. What does this mean for businesses? In short, it’s time for them to shift their marketing strategies to focus more on quality content creation.

Whether you are a small or more established business, it is crucial to consider the many factors that go into making a marketing campaign successful. Unfortunately, solely relying on influencers with high following and like counts will not be sufficient.

Why is it so essential for businesses to focus on getting quality content for their campaigns? In addition to the obvious – standing out among competitors – here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Influencer Marketing is Saturated

Just like most new things, it was once “cool” to be an influencer. But have you realized that almost everyone is an “influencer” these days? This job title has lost its exclusivity and value because people are calling themselves influencers left and right while trying to get free products and services from businesses. The inverse is also true with brands thinking that their product or service is equivalent to the rate an influencer might charge for a post, resulting in businesses devaluing high quality content. 

Unfortunately, a post on Instagram doesn’t necessarily make a business money and a free hotel stay given as payment to a dedicated and skilled content creator doesn’t cover the bills. With the market getting more diluted, the demand for influencers is dwindling. Meanwhile, the demand for higher quality content is rising as it reflects the brand and where it stands in the marketplace.

Consider this: Do you trust a brand that you see hundreds of repetitive low-effort posts for or a brand that has professionally made content?

Authenticity is Becoming Scarce

The earning potential for influencers can be extremely lucrative. For example, people with under half a million followers may rake in thousands of dollars just by posting an #ad on their Instagram page. Knowing this, more influencers are sacrificing authenticity to work with a variety of brands to make more money. Some might even advertise products or services that they may not truly believe in. Audiences are catching on to this trend.

A 2017 Consumer Content Report indicates that “57% of consumers think that less than half of brands create content that resonates as authentic.”

The takeaway? Consumers feel that influencers may be making brands’ products or services seem more popular than they actually are. The lack of authenticity from influencers leads to a downward spiral, as brands can lose their credibility and become less favorable to consumers.

Lack of Innovation Leads to Boredom

With the influencer market becoming more saturated, the lack of innovation is growing. It is difficult to come up with fresh ideas when an industry is so crowded. Unfortunately, with influencers posting similar content for the same brands all the time, consumers are getting bored of what is pushed onto them. While repetition is a fantastic way to keep your brand fresh on people’s minds, it must be done with a sensible strategy behind it. Invest in quality content for your brand – it will not only be a whiff of fresh air for consumers but also distinguish you in a sea of competition. 

Influencer Marketing = Quantity Over Quality

Put yourself in the shoes of a regular consumer and you will likely be annoyed and bored of seeing an influencer post sponsored content several times a day. With many sharing mediocre shots captured on a phone the question of quality comes to mind. More often than not, influencers focus more on quantity over quality. As you might imagine, this causes them to lose their charm and become disposable over time.

This is not to say that influencer marketing doesn’t have its place in an overall marketing strategy. But often, businesses put too much stock in influencer marketing while neglecting other effective methods. Do you really want to make thousands of “influencers” think they can get your service or product for free in exchange for a shoutout on their social media channels? Influencer marketing is a double-edged sword, so be careful how you wield it!

Achieve Sustainable Long-Term Results by Focusing on Quality Content

Companies integrating influencer marketing into their strategy will benefit greatly from selecting ones who have the ability to produce unique and eye-catching content that consumers won’t simply scroll over.

Keen on more fresh commercial-level content that can be utilized beyond social media? CACIA creative takes pride in thinking outside the box to deliver custom quality content for brands worldwide. Get in touch with us and let’s create something truly influential!

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