Advantages of Hiring a Creative Agency to Satisfy Your Content Needs

Are you looking to save both time and money while making sure that your company’s creative content is up-to-date and engaging? You may consider hiring a creative agency to produce vivid media for upcoming campaigns or create a memorable website that will leave a lasting impression for your visitors. Perhaps you’re looking to streamline the social media aspect of your business. Whatever your short & long-term goals are, a creative agency can help you meet a lot of your creative goals.

Focus On Growing Your Business

By hiring an external creative team that you can count on, you leave the work to people who are experts in their field. For example, a competent creative producer will be proactive throughout the whole production process of a project, coordinate shoots, and ensure deadlines are met. In the meantime, an art director will ensure that the content created aligns well with your brand. While these individuals within a creative agency work together to satisfy your content needs, you can focus your time and energy on fulfilling other important tasks outside of the creative field, like making sales and building valuable connections.

Maintain Efficiency Among Existing Staff

Building an in-house creative team entails not only finding the right people to fill roles, but also providing them with a workspace and taking care of their payroll, taxes, and hardware. Hiring new people can be risky, and training always takes time and costs money. If you end up having a high turnover rate, you may spend a lot of resources interviewing, selecting, and training new hires. The process can end up costing you a lot. By going the creative agency route, you are hiring a group of professionals who are already experts at their crafts and will deliver accordingly. This will also help your business maintain consistency.

Access Top-Of-The-Line Equipment & Tools

An outsourced, boutique creative agency is well-equipped with top-notch equipment and tools that enable them to increase efficiency, performance, and productivity. Here is a quick breakdown of some equipment and tools with their respective costs that creative agencies may use to deliver quality work to their clients:

  • Photo and video editing software – $100+/month
  • High-end camera gear (photo & video production) – $20,000 to $100,000+
  • Social media management software – $100+/month
  • SEO tools – $80+/month

Do the math and you’ll see that the cost of these tools alone can add up fast! Plus, if you decide to hire in-house talent, you will have to spend time to train them on these tools if they are not already familiar.

Get More for a Set Fee

Creative agencies can tailor unique package prices specifically to your business needs. This way, you can get more for a set fee rather than pay many people for their individual skills. For example, if you are looking for a new website design, quality copy written for your website, custom photos and media to make your brand stand out, plus social media management, a creative agency can cover all of these bases in a package deal that you wouldn’t get if you hired talent individually.

No Need to Pay Full Salaries

If you were to build your own creative team, consider how many people you would need to pay each year to keep in-house talent, in addition to covering their health benefits, paid time off, and training costs.

Average salaries for creative roles in the United States vary, but here are some 2019 numbers we pulled from to give you a general idea of annual base salaries that can quickly add up:

  • Copywriter – $49,792
  • Proofreader – $51,322
  • Photographer – $64,284
  • Videographer – $64,852
  • Art director – $97,613
  • Photo stylist – $40,431
  • Web designer – $63,629
  • Social media marketing & communications manager – $100,280
  • Content strategist – $54,034
  • Creative director – $120,719

World-Class Quality of Work at a Reasonable Cost

Hire a team of specialists that are tech-savvy and understand your business well and you can be sure you are working with highly skilled, hardworking talent at a decent price. Talent in a creative agency work on a schedule that is best for them, and as a result, tend to be more motivated. With motivation comes more inspiring, “out-of-the-box” content. Unlike those who work in an office setting, outsourced employees are also more inclined to share critical, unbiased perspectives to companies without fear of losing their jobs like those working a typical 9-5 might. Outside perspectives can provide priceless, valuable feedback for your brand!

Satisfy All Your Content Needs Under One Roof!

Ready to skyrocket your brand’s potential? Connect with us – CACIA creative will take care of your content needs under one roof and establish your online presence so you can focus on winning and achieving your business goals!

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